Personal Safety

Public safety is here for you 24/7, but following these simple steps will maximize your personal safety.

Take control of your personal safety.

Add Public Safety 518-276-6611 into your cell phone

Use the tools Rensselaer provides 

The quicker we connect, the safer you are.

RPI Alert 
Emergency updates from RPI officials via text, phone and email

RPI Alert Mobile App

Call 911
Emergency Services (Rensselaer County), Troy Police, Fire, 
Ambulance, New York State Police

See something? Say something.

Victims of sexual misconduct, or individuals wishing to report suspicious activity, have many options for filing a reportAdditional resources and care and support services are also available.

Safety Tips

  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • Don’t leave your property unattended
  • Do not open residential doors for strangers
  • Trust your instincts
  • Know the locations of blue light emergency phones on campus
  • Use well-lit routes and travel in groups when possible
  • Be aware of any dangerous Water, Heat or Electricity issues
  • Watch for, and report, any Wildlife on or near campus which might be behaving strangely.
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