Bicycle Security

How to stop bike thieves and protect your bike

  • Invest in a good quality lock or U-Lock made from hardened steel or titanium chain.
  • Ensure the lock goes through your bike's frame and front wheel, and around a secure metal rack or railing.
  • Park your bike in a well-traveled area and avoid dark corners.
  • Utilize indoor bike racks whenever possible.

Choose Your Bike Lock Carefully

the best security is a high-quality u-shaped lock through the bike frame, wheel and bike rack

Best option: U shaped lock through frame, tire and rack

make sure you thread your cable lock around bike frame, tire and rack to secure

Good Option: Thick cable wire through frame, tire and rack.

Thin lock cable on a bicycle (that can be cut) is only wrapped around frame and rack

Poor option: Thin cable around frame and rack

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